Is Painting Dead? From Painting to Photo-to-Painting

Painting is of course very much alive and well. Yet, the famous words of French painter Paul Delaroche — From today, painting is dead! –, a statement supposedly made after witnessing the very first photos taken with a Daguerreotype, to us seem a good provocation even today.

So what do you think? Is photography slowly ‘killing’ painting? Is there room in today’s world for Paintings and Portraits?

At Paint Your Life we have our own little theory that says Photography and today’s more and more accessible technology are actually reviving the art of the Portrait. If once portraits were only available to the very rich, as a portrait from a well-known Painter could cost one a fortune, today anyone can easily take a photo and send it to Paint Your Life for an artistic Photo to Painting Service that is in no way exclusivistic but rather very accessible.

We know that artists have always looked for a way to accurately capture images from nature and everyday life. Renaissance artists were first to discover end employ the Camera Obscura technique which allowed them to paint with an accurate perspective and simply replicate the image delivered with this method. Later on, the discovery of various photosensitive chemical compounds and Niépce’s early work on Heliography lead to creation of the Daguerreotype, and for the first time people were able to take photographs.

We are a long way from Daguerreotypes, and an even longer way from Camera Obscura. Today, almost everyone has a few Megapixels on their phone camera and can take far more accurate ‘pics’ than photography pioneersThomas Wedgwoodand, Joseph Niépce or Louis Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, the developer of the very first Photo Camera – the Daguerreotype, ever hoped in their time.

In a sense, all smartphone and photo camera owners are now artists. Still, the fact is that Photo to Painting services are more and more popular. Furthermore, people never stopped painting simply because Photography made it much easier to capture images from nature and our lives. Things like these raise some questions about the nature of painting, why we enjoy painting and paintings so much but also questions about the future of both Painting and Photography.

We would love to hear your ideas on this topic, please leave a comment and do let us know about your experience with Painting and/or Photography. In the meantime, we leave you with the following infographic that in our opinion shows just how much people enjoy and love Art and Painting today.

From Painting to Photo to Painting

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