Beautiful Photo Destinations In Asia

How many times did you hear that life’s too short for something? That’s why you need to live your life to the fullest, and the best way to do it is – to travel! To explore the world and go for an adventure whenever you can. Today we will give you some beautiful destinations to see in Asia and as always, there is a bit of everything here so you can taste leisure, history and excitement! And of course, take some great photos that you can later turn into an exclusive collage!

Hong Kong

This British colony which name means fragrant harbor is located on southern coast of China and holds unique mix of Chinese culture and futuristic skyscrapers. Dramatic cityscape makes city look like from another planet or at least video game, but this intense touristic place also possessmoments of peace and calmness. Hong Kong is full of holistic statues and shrines (over 600) and over 40% of the territory is designated as national park. Be sure not to miss a cable car ride to Tian Tan Buddha, and take photos of a 34 m tall bronze statue that symbolizes harmony between man and nature.

Photo Destinations Asia
Dramatic cityscape makes city look like from another planet


Independent island nation of Maldives, isolated and located between the Arabian and Laccadive seas will give you only the best of warm weather leisure: crystal blue water, private villas, coral reefs and underwater creatures. With sun that always shines, Maldives is a great place to master the art of doing nothing and if you find time, some scuba diving and snorkeling. We would like to say it’s not a typical tropical paradise, but white beaches, turquoise sea, infinity pools and dreamy sunsets will just prove us wrong. This however, will not stop you from making breathtaking photographs of perfect shoreline that will stay in your heart forever. 

Photo Destinations Asia
Maldives – white beaches, turquoise sea, infinity pools and dreamy sunsets


Similar to Hong Kong, Shanghai is a place of contrast: a city with 18 million people, where you can still escape from crowds and intensity and (for example) visit quiet and green Yuyuan garden that will ease your nerves. It’s a true international city where Europe left its trace in Berlin and Paris architecture vibe, with aisles filled with galleries but also old historic neighborhoods. And if you’re looking for a great shot, this neon paradise (called also Paris of the east) will give you best photos at night, especially if you go on an exciting boat ride.

Photo Destinations Asia
This neon paradise will give you best photos at night

Bali, Indonesia

We won’t be wrong if we say that Bali is a state of mind as people in Bali daily practice the balance between human, spiritual and natural. This incredible island is located in the center of Indonesian archipelago and came a long way from just a backpackers destination and a sleepy fish village. That’s why Bali’s cultural capital Ubud is a place where streets are lined with stores and galleries but is still surrounded by rural land where life hasn’t change for centuries. Besides luxury resorts, Bali offers plenty of places to make a great photo; ideal surf beaches, active volcanoes (like Kintamani), gorgeous waterfalls, rice fields and many historical temples. For the perhaps most interesting shot, serenity is just a few steps away in nature reserve complex – the sacred Monkey Forest.

Photo Destinations Asia
Bali is a state of mind

Now that you visited Asia, be sure to keep your favorite photos close to you, as you can turn them into paintings or make an interesting photo collage by putting more photos together.