How To Propose – 6 Photo Ideas

Now that you have found the right person for you, it is time for the tough part – thinking about how to propose. Try to plan with as much details as possible and you can start of by deciding when are you going to propose. And we know, it’s never perfect time but it is important to plan ahead so you can stay calm. So try not to be nervous (if you possibly can) and think of some meaningful date for both of you. Also consider the weather – if it’s been raining for a few days, don’t be impatient and wait until sun shines again (unless you both like rain, which is fine). After that, decide where you want to propose as the atmosphere on the given day will be remembered. What’s your special place or her favorite restaurant? Would you like your proposal to be private or done in public?

Once the timing is right and atmosphere is set, the most important question remains: how to do it? And as you are probably still struggling what would be the best idea, let us help you out with a few examples – it is a big deal after all!

1. Dolphin proposal

How To Propose
Dolphin would make a great proposal buddy!

Creativity is the key! Therefore, when you want to propose, you should consider bringing your precious pet along so it can help. Like a dolphin for example – they make a great proposal buddies! All that is left is to be yourself and it will all go just fine!

2. Good morning proposal

How To Propose
Bottom hides a special message for her

3. Surf boards proposal

Classic proposal idea is to propose your loved one over a dinner, but we have a better idea. If you don’t like the public, you can do it in the privacy of your own home. Wake up, say you got her a new mug and then drink your morning cup of coffee together. And she better be thirsty because the bottom hides a special message for her! Meanwhile, pretend that you dropped something and kneel down to find it. In this way, when she moves her surprising look from the cup, you can hold that engagement ring you dropped a second ago.


How To Propose
Proposal on the beach never fails

Before you propose, it would be nice to practice as this will give you an idea of what can possibly go wrong. And here’s one oldie but goody that can never fails – proposal on the beach! And if you are already doing it in public, invite some friends over that can help with their surfing boards. It may sound corny, but cool summer breeze, sound of the waves and enchanting sunset just make the perfect memories.

4. Fortune cookie proposal

How To Propose
You can propose over a fortune cookie

And maybe you think that dinner is a perfect opportunity for a proposal, but don’t want to take the risk of engagement ring stuck in a chocolate soufflé or worse swollen over a champagne. Therefore if you are already fortunate enough to have found your soul mate, you can propose over a fortune cookie! Really nice and original, don’t you think?

5. Newspapers proposal

How To Propose
Put an add in the newspapers

As you probably know, she will tell that story how you proposed and show her ring to all the future generations and all of her girlfriends. So why not skip that part and go public telling it to everyone! Put an add in the newspapers and make sure that the whole city knows your intentions!

6. I’m hooked on you proposal

How To Propose
We know that you’re hooked, and now it’s her turn!

We know that you’re hooked, and now it’s her turn! Did you get the dazzling ring? Ok, perfect. Also be sure to dress nicely – special occasions deserve special outfits. After that all that is left is one hook and a bate and we have the feeling she will say yes, just keep the proposal short & sweet (and from the heart!)

In the end, be sure to preserve these special moments and make lots of photos! Later you can turn them into a beautiful charcoal drawing that will decorate your living space.