How To Get More Natural Smiles On Photos?

The best feeling you can have is happiness and smile is the best thing you can wear. But sometimes it’s hard to make a natural smile while taking a photo or to get people smile in a photo for you. Therefore if you are tired of pictures with smiles that just look fake, here are some of our tips on how to make that big smile be more natural.

  • Weather you’re taking a photo of someone or you’re trying to smile for someone, the first thing you need to do is not to tense up and to relax. Take a couple of really deep, deep breaths and this will automatically relax your entire body. Be conscious about not stiffening your cheeks and remember that natural smile comes from relaxed face.
Natural Smiles On Photos
Natural smile comes from relaxed face
  • Tell your subject to lift the tip of their tongue up behind their front teeth – this will help lips position in the more natural smiling position. Also encourage your subjects by complimenting them they look good in the picture and that they are doing a great job.
Natural Smiles On Photos
When people see you smiling, they smile too!
  • The good thing about smiling is that is when people see you smiling, they usually smile too – it’s an unconscious reaction, so try smiling for your subject or smile at the photographer directly to get some happy feeling flowing.
Natural Smiles On Photos
Get some happy feeling flowing
  • Try to recreate how the smile feels like – not what it looks like and you will make more natural face. To do so you will need to feel certain emotion so think about what made you happy today.
  • You can also lough while the photo is being taken or tell your subject to chuckle a little. If you need some help, try thinking about something funny that happened in the past couple of days.
Natural Smiles On Photos
Recreate how the smile feels like – not what it looks like
  • Chat before taking a photo – this will make you and people around you feel at ease.
  • Think happy thoughts: ask children to sing you a cheerful song or to talk about their favorite toy. You can do the same with adults and ask them about their children or their happiest moments in life.
Natural Smiles On Photos
Think happy thoughts
  • Suggest funny poses like superhero pose: jumping or standing on one leg or even chicken dance – people will quickly loosen up and smile naturally (not to mention that photos will be hilarious).
Natural Smiles On Photos
Ask children to make their silliest face
  • Ask children to make their silliest face or ask permission to make your silliest face – this will surely loosen up the atmosphere. Try alternating expressions and make angry face, sad face, surprised face, sticking tongues out – changing faces will lead up to smiling face in the end.
  • If you’re still having problems with fake smile, tell a joke or funny story or ask your subjects to tell jokes.
Natural Smiles On Photos
Make monkey sounds or monkey face
  • If you’re taking a couples photo, kiss your partner or ask them kiss each other – this guarantees you beautiful emotion and natural smiles.
  • Ask children and even adults to imitate animals or animal sounds (monkey, elephant or fox) this will get them into more unconventional mood and make them smile.
  • Suggest a tickling fight between your subjects and see who can hold on longer without smiling.
Natural Smiles On Photos
Make the atmosphere relaxed and pleasant

Try out different methods and see which one works for you by making the atmosphere relaxed and pleasant. Once the atmosphere is unbuttoned, you will have the impeccable smile that will have you and your subjects looking good in every photo. Of course, once you’re done with your perfect smiling photo, check how you can turn it into even more fun pop-art painting!

Happy shooting!

Natural Smiles On Photos
Impeccable smile will have you looking good in every photo