How To Turn Your Office Into A More Relaxing Place

If Monday is your greatest enemy and (every) Friday is time to celebrate then these tips are just for you! We get it, you’re tired and getting back to the office where you spend most of your day seems to bring you unnecessary stress that you have to deal with almost every day. That’s why it would be great if your working space could be more relaxing! And the way you design your office space can help you reduce the amount of worry you experience on a daily basis. First of all, take a moment to observe which changes need to be made in your office and remember that your work should support your lifestyle. Think about the places that make you feel good and calm and try to incorporate those characteristics into your working environment. And if you need help, use our smart tips that will make your office more personal and your job less stressful.

Tidy Up!

Turn Office Into Relaxing Place
Keep your office space tidy and uncluttered

Make your working space attractive to you – this should be your favorite place in the office building (besides kitchen)! And it’s difficult to feel productive if your surrounding is cluttered and not clear. Put everything back in its place and tidy up so you could get more inner piece. Take out the trash and throw all the things that are unnecessary. Organize everything else into specific shelves, drawers or piles so you can be more efficient and finish your work faster. By the end of the day, you could also clear out your desk so it will feel more relaxed in the morning when you come to work.

Light Up!

Turn Office Into Relaxing Place
Lava lamp can make you feel more relaxed

What is the emotion you want to have when you walk in your working space? Think about this and create perfect lighting that should be adjusted so it feels pleasant. Too bright or too dark lighting can affect your mood and even cause headaches so try to let natural light into your office that will brighten up your mood. Remember that a small desk lamp with warm lighting or even a lava lamp can create a sense of peacefulness in the room.

Office, Sweet Home!

Turn Office Into Relaxing Place
Images of your loved ones will remind you why you work so hard

If you often work long hours and go back home late, bring home to your work! Photos of family and pets can help turn cold area into more heartwarming place so consider putting a few photos on the wall and maybe one on your office desk. In this way you will personalize your space and faces that you love will cheer you up. Also, adding a favorite artwork, beautiful nature or an inspirational quote on canvas can bring sense of harmony and remind you why you work so hard.

Go Green!

Turn Office Into Relaxing Place
Plants are great for sterile surroundings

Adding a plant that you can easily take care of will definitely remove sterility from your strict office. And the more plants you can put the more abundant you will feel. If you don’t like the obligation, you can even opt for a realistic silk plant. Besides plants, you could experiment with different visual elements and even add a fish tank that will improve your mood in general (just remember to leave more fish food in the tank during the weekends).


Music, Please!

Turn Office Into Relaxing Place
Work and enjoy with all your senses

If you don’t like decorating so much, you can choose to play peaceful music that will calm your state of mind. Experiment with different types of music, but be careful – you want to be effective, not fall asleep! Music should be in the background and not interrupt your ability to work and if you think it may disturb others, use headphones. If music is not allowed, get a small fountain that gives great visual effect and produces healing sounds of running water.


Turn Office Into Relaxing Place
Nice fragrances will relax your state of mind

When you step into your office, it should give a certain fragrance that will relax your mind. Smells can have an effect on productivity (like lemon, orange or lavender), so you can add fragrant candles that will produce pleasant feeling in the room. You can also try air fresheners that you plug into a wall but be mindful about other colleagues as they might not like your aromatherapy as much as you do. The best solutions are certainly fresh flowers as they will bring a sense of life into a room along with a beautiful smell.