Cool Birthday Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

Birthdays are usually lots of fun and this may be due to a fact that it’s scientifically proved that people just love presents (well, maybe not scientifically, but do you know anyone who doesn’t like gifts)! And if you are looking to get something special for someone special and you have no idea what to get, you’re at the right place! We know that shopping for birthday gifts tends to be tricky (and frustrating) but remember, whatever you get, it’s really thought that counts! That’s why we give you several really cool birthday gift ideas that are suitable for every age!

1. Fantastic (and customized!) from-photo-to-a-portrait canvas!

Ok, this list is not a usual perfume-book-cashmere sweater kind of gift list! We wanted to make something more unique and that’s why we choose more atypical type of gifts! At the same time, we wanted them to be unique and original and that’s why on the top of our list is our Paint Your Life customized oil on canvas – made from your own photo! This present will keep your memories forever and put a smile on your favorite face – 100% guaranteed!

cool birthday gifts
This present will put a smile on your favorite face – 100% guaranteed!

2. Selfie stick

One statistics show that the more birthdays you have, the longer you’ll live! Jokes on the side, there are a couple of factors that make a great birthday party: a nice birthday cake, enjoyable company and – great photos! And if you want to make a great selfie, well, let’s face it, it usually turns out bad, cropped or blurry (or all together). That’s why a selfie stick will drastically change the way you take photos and it will allow you to make perfect all-together photos!

cool birthday gifts
Say selfie-cheese!

3. Cool mirror

Do you remember your favorite birthday gift when you were a kid? It was that special thing that no one had besides you, right? And because everyone like looking at themselves in the mirror, mirrors make a really cool gifts – especially if they come in an unusual shape that no one else has!

cool birthday gifts
Looking good today!


4. Funny socks

No matter how old someone is, every birthday is worth celebrating! And here’s one gift that is every age-appropriate and an ideal present for, well, anyone! You can never have too many pair of socks so spoil someone you love with as many of these funny gifts as you like (they are really budget friendly)! And be sure that when socks have funny designs, they will make someone smile in the morning!

cool birthday gifts
Hi there! Wanna go get some coffee together?


5. Magic 8-ball

Now that it’s time for a birthday celebration, it would be nice to know what the future brings. That’s why the magic 8-ball is an awesome gift for anyone who wants to know the answers to ever burning questions like: does she loves me, is weather going to be nice tomorrow or will I make a million dollars this year?! This mystical ball will know how to reply in a polite way, and if you don’t like the answers, you can still use it to play pool with it!

cool birthday gifts
Well how should I know?