The Best Architectural Masterpieces That You Need To See

They say the greatest stories lie between the covers of somebody’s passport. And architecture affect people far more then we realize as we usually travel to see something interesting and amazing, like a particular city, bridge or building. Architecture is a way of manifesting all human activity and beautiful objects often serve as inspiration and admiration. And if you’re can’t pack your bags right this moment and travel, we’re here to show you the most fabulous architecture in the whole world (at least through the photos).

1. Nasir al Molk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran

The most amazing thing happens when light hits the windows of this amazing mosque in Iran. A rain of colors that drops to the interior is especially beautiful in the morning when sun rises. This traditional mosque was built over a period of 12 years and finished in 1888, and it is also called Pink mosque because of the domination of this color. How incredible does this look? See for yourself!

incredible architecture incredible architecture incredible architecture

2. Parliament Building, Budapest, Hungary

One of the most magnificent buildings in Europe is certainly this landmark of Hungary that lies on the bank of beautiful river Danube. It was built in gothic style with over a 40 million bricks along with precious stones and 40 kilograms of gold. Construction was completed in 1904 and this is one of the tallest buildings in Budapest that will certainly take your breath away when you look at it.

incredible architecture

incredible architecture incredible architecture

3. Prague Orloj, Prague, Czech Republic

This amazing Astronomical Clock was installed way back in 1410 and this is the oldest astronomical clock in the world that still works. It has three main components that represent the different astronomical details like position of Sun and Moon and calendar. Legend says that its clockmaster was blinded so he couldn’t repeat his masterpiece and master later destroyed the clock mechanism in revenge. Whatever the story is, this clock will have your heart stop by at least a second.

incredible architecture incredible architecture incredible architecture

4. Taj Mahal, Agra, India

This white marble mausoleum that translates crown of palaces is a perfect combination of Islamic, Persian, Turkish and Indian architecture. It was commissioned in 1632 and tells a love story about the emperor who built this as a tomb to his late wife. According to legend, emperor even wanted to build a Black Taj Mahal across white mausoleum, but his own son imprisoned him. And Taj Mahal still remains one of the most romantic places in the world whose architecture is surely captivating.

incredible architecture incredible architecture incredible architecture

5. Wat Rong Khun or White Temple, Thailand

This temple is best known as White temple and this is unconventional temple in private possession open to visitors all year round. A visual artist who decided to renovate an old temple with his own money designed it in 1997 and it now serves as a center for meditation and learning. And we are positive that after an hour of meditation in this place, all your worries would be forgotten (at least for a day or two).

incredible architecture incredible architecture incredible architecture

In the end, if you have your own favorite architectural places, we would love to know what they are. And if you have your own photos of incredible architecture even better, as you can easily turn them into canvas masterpieces and make your memory last forever!