5 Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them – Without Saying a Word

Looking for ways to share love with the special people in your life? Sometimes actions speak even louder than words – often the best ways to love the people you care about don’t involve saying anything! Read below for five meaningful ways to tell someone you love them without saying a word! 


1. Spend Quality Time Together

When you want to let someone know you love them, giving your time means so much. Whether you’re going on a trip together, spending the day hanging out, or just sitting across from each other reading your favorite books, being present in a loved one’s life is always meaningful, and it’s a perfect way to demonstrate your care and affection for them. 


Quality time looks different depending on who you spend it with – for some, parallel playing is the best. This often looks like getting together with someone you love at a local coffee shop, sharing a table and getting work done while enjoying each other’s company. With the business of life, sometimes things can get too hectic to plan a weekly hangout with friends or family. If you can, though, doing work or spending quiet time together is an incredibly meaningful way to show love to someone without saying anything. 


oil portrait of a loving couple


If you have more time on your hands, plan a one-on-one trip with a close friend or family member – this gives you ample time to spend on an adventure of any kind. Talking doesn’t have to be a big part of quality time – and enjoying peace and quiet with someone you love is an activity that is hard to come by in a noisy world. 



2. Give a Meaningful, Personal Gift 

If you have a friend or family member who feels extra loved when receiving gifts, go above and beyond to show them you love them! Giving a special gift expresses love without words, and often says more than words can.


What does it look like to give a meaningful, personal gift? It depends on the person! Often the bonds that we share with the people closest to us are strengthened by memories and shared experiences. So, a perfect gift for a person you love is something that captures those memories in a givable form!


One of the best ways to capture precious memories that you share with loved ones is in the form of art! You might be wondering how you could translate a meaningful memory into a piece of art, especially if you’re not the most creative person on the planet. However, you’re in luck thanks to Paint Your Life



At Paint Your Life, we believe that one of the greatest acts of love you can show the people dear to you is turning one of your memories with them into a beautiful work of art. Our talented artists are experts at capturing and retaining the spirit of your photos and making masterpieces out of them!


When you’re looking to give the gift of a personal piece of art to someone, the best place to start is finding a photo that contains a precious memory with that person – this will serve as the base for the work of art. Whether it’s a selfie of you and your friend or family member, a professionally done photo of you with them, or anything in between, an artist can turn it into something truly special! Once you’ve selected a photo, your next task is choosing a medium for the artwork. Paint Your Life offers renditions of your photos in oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, colored pencil and charcoal. You’ve got lots of options!


Giving the gift of a personalized piece of art to someone often results in tears of joy, so have tissues ready! There’s no denying that someone truly loves you when they present you with something so meaningful.



3. Give a Hug 

When was the last time you gave a close friend or family member a big hug? Hopefully it hasn’t been too long! Making physical contact with someone you love reminds them that you love and care about them without you saying anything.


Beautiful color pencil drawing of a happy family


When you’re not sure what to say to your partner, parents, children or friends, just give them a hug! This meaningful action often speaks louder than words and serves to powerfully demonstrate to the people you care about that they matter.


Even if you’re not the touchiest person in the world, you can still make someone’s day by giving them a hug. If you’re married or in a relationship, make a daily habit of giving your partner a hug to show them how much you love and appreciate them! The same goes for your kids – give them a hug daily to remind them how much they matter to you!



4. Make a Meal 

Acts of service are a meaningful way to share love with the people in your life without saying anything. An act of service can be something as simple as holding the door open for a stranger as they walk by or washing your partner’s car after a long day at work. But one of the most powerful acts of service is making a home cooked meal for someone you love. Sharing food shows the people in your life that they are worth the effort and that you are happy to meet their needs.


If you don’t normally cook, making a meal for someone else is often the perfect inspiration to get started! Look up recipes online or grab a cookbook from a friend or family member. Sometimes, it’s easier to go above and beyond for someone else than for yourself, and cooking is often no exception. If you tend to do the bare minimum for yourself when it comes to food, use this idea as an opportunity to learn more about making food in an effort to show love to someone else!


As with so many other acts of love, the giver of a home cooked meal benefits just as much as the recipient. You’ll get to enjoy the blessing of bringing joy to someone else and the fulfillment of knowing that someone feels loved and cared about because of you! 


5. Send a Funny Video!

Life is often hectic and stressful, and a little bit of laughter goes a long way. If you have a loved one who needs a little extra cheerfulness in their life, send something funny their way! It’s the perfect way to remind them you care about them and want them to be happy. 


In addition, sending funny videos to friends and family is a perfect means of sharing love from a distance. If you are trying to maintain communication with loved ones who are far away, start a chain of sending funny videos to each other! This keeps you connected to each other, and the small bit of effort you put into the relationship by sending a video shows the person that you love them. 




At the end of the day, there’s an abundance of unique ways to show love to people without saying anything. Whether you’re giving a gift, making a meal, or just wrapping your arms around your kids or partner to remind them you love them, little gestures like these make the world a better place. At Paint Your Life, we believe there’s nothing more valuable than an act of love given to someone else, whether it’s big or small!