9 Funny Cat Photos to Brighten Your Day


Everyone needs a little bit of furry cuteness in their lives. Cats are adorable, and often hilarious, creatures, and when they’re caught on camera being themselves the results are often impossible not to laugh at! Keep reading for some silly feline antics that will make your day a little brighter. 


1. Cats + Lasers 


If you’ve never followed your cat with a laser pointer, you’re missing out. Cats love chasing anything that moves, and watching your kitty run all over the place going after the elusive laser always makes for a great time. Your cat might get a little frustrated at you, but they’ll let it go eventually.




2. Not Amused 

This little guy just isn’t having a good time. He’s a unique specimen called the sand cat, native to the Sahara desert and some sections of Asia. These wild cats are able to survive for weeks at a time without drinking any water, and they primarily eat small desert-dwelling rodents.


Who can say why this particular sand cat had such a sassy look on his face? The world may never know, but it sure made for a funny picture.


3. No Reading My Mind! 

This kitty was apparently a little paranoid and needed a tin foil hat to block out any mind-readers. The result is cute and dorky, as cats in hats tend to be! 


If you’re looking to stage your own silly cat photos, putting a hat on your cat is a great place to start. Just watch out for resistance in the form of snarls and scratches! 



4. Argh, Matey! 

When Halloween comes around, some pet owners go the extra mile and dress up their furry friends for the holiday. This cat owner decided to get their pet looking like a grizzled sea captain – sort of. This kitty may be a little too cute to intimidate a band of pirates.


If you want to dress up your own cat this Halloween, you can find some spectacular costume ideas online. You can even get a portrait painted of your cat in costume to proudly hang on your wall! This way you can enjoy your cat’s adorable dressed-up appearance all year long. 


If you’ve never dressed up your pet for Halloween, it’s worth doing at least once! Some costumes take a little more effort than others, but it’s a fun way to get creative and have a little fun. You can get your whole family in on the effort, swapping costume ideas and enjoying dressing up your pet together.


5. Give Me a Hug 

Sometimes, cats can be a little mean. They’re sassy, snarly and sometimes downright selfish. But other times, they really surprise you with their tenderhearted behavior. This picture is one of those special moments where you see how gentle and sweet cats can be. 



These two kitties are giving each other a warm, fuzzy hug, proving that cats have hearts – but all you cat owners knew that already! One of the greatest parts of owning a cat is when they surprise you with those sweet, gentle moments. You even grow to love the snarling, clawing moments too.


6. Buddies 

Cats and dogs don’t always get along perfectly, but when they do, it’s something special. This pup seems especially friendly, and his feline pal is going right along with it!


Friendship between our pets is worth celebrating, especially after wrestling for long periods of time to get them to get along. It’s often a real struggle to get dogs and cats to bond in particular. But these special friendships aren’t impossible to facilitate! There are plenty of tips and tricks online for getting a dog and cat to get along. It’s helpful to know, though, that some dog breeds are more cat-friendly, so if you’re planning on having one of both, these breeds are a better choice!



Basset hounds, collies, beagles, golden retrievers, and a number of other breeds tend to do better with cats. If you’re looking to introduce a dog into your house and already own a cat, look into these dog-friendly breeds! They’re all adorable, loyal and will make a great addition to your family. After all, who says you have to be just a cat person or just a dog person?


7. Doppelgänger

A Lego wizard constructed a perfect replica of their cat, and the real one seems to be a little confused by the brick one. Imagine walking up to Lego version of yourself – it would be hard not to be shocked!



If you’re in a creative mood and have some bricks around, try making a Lego version of your cat! This is a great way to spend time with your whole family – you can even have a contest to see who makes the best version of your pet out of Lego bricks. Your pet is an honored part of the family, and who can argue with some good Lego time? When you put the two together, the result is as magical as the photo above. 


7.5 Missed a Spot! 

Here’s a fun cat fact you might not know – cats lick themselves for numerous reasons. If your cat has gotten a scratch, it uses its tongue to clean its own wounds. Licking is also a grooming strategy for your cat, helping them to keep their fur clean and soft. 


You might not think of licking yourself all over as something that would make you cleaner, but for cats, it’s a practice that starts very shortly after birth. Cats to clean themselves this way from their mothers, who lick them clean right after they are born! The little kitten in this picture seems to be doing his friend a favor, getting little bit of leftover messiness of him free of charge.



8. There’s…something on your face 

It looks like this cat might need some help from the kitten in the previous picture! It’s a bit of a mystery how this little guy got a slice of American cheese stuck to his face, but let’s just hope it’s not the owner’s fault. 



This picture may make you wonder, though, if cats can eat cheese. You probably already know that cats are carnivores – they naturally eat other animals. Normally, a cat’s diet would not include any dairy products, and their digestive systems can’t really handle dairy well. If your cat nabs a bite of cheese, it’s not going to hurt them, but feeding your cat dairy can cause some gastrointestinal distress. And, as the person who cleans your cat’s litterbox, you know this is something you want to avoid.


9. Do a Little Dance!

Have you ever seen cats dance? It’s an unforgettable experience without a doubt. Cats may not have much natural rhythm, but on rare occasions, they move their bodies in a dancelike way, and it’s a sight to see.



Sometimes, if you put music on and move around, your cat will follow suit. Some cats are a little shyer and less physically expressive than others, and these felines are less likely to “dance.” But if your cat loves the spotlight, you’ll be amazed by what they’ll do to show off! 



Whether you’re taking a quick break from work, winding down after a long day, or just hanging out and relaxing and looking for a laugh, we at Paint Your Life hope that these adorable cat photos make you smile and bring a little extra joy to your day!