How To Turn Your Office Into A More Relaxing Place

If Monday is your greatest enemy and (every) Friday is time to celebrate then these tips are just for you! We get it, you’re tired and getting back to the office where you spend most of your day seems to bring you unnecessary stress that you have to deal with almost every day. That’s why it would be great if your working space could be more relaxing! And the way you design your office space can help you reduce the amount of worry you experience on a daily basis. First of all, take a moment to observe which changes need...Read more

5 Easy Easter DIY Ideas

Easter is maybe one of the most joyful holidays you can spend with your family and if you love home decorations, we have great ideas for you! Because Easter is getting closer this year we gathered a few fun and easy DIY projects whether you want some simple crafts for the kids or you like something you can do on your own (and still look amazing). Have fun crafting and enjoy your holidays! 1. Looking for something to occupy your kids with? Look at this cool Framed egg! This is a great craft for kids – take two blank pieces...Read more

How To Get More Natural Smiles On Photos?

The best feeling you can have is happiness and smile is the best thing you can wear. But sometimes it’s hard to make a natural smile while taking a photo or to get people smile in a photo for you. Therefore if you are tired of pictures with smiles that just look fake, here are some of our tips on how to make that big smile be more natural. Weather you’re taking a photo of someone or you’re trying to smile for someone, the first thing you need to do is not to tense up and to relax. Take a...Read more

How To Make A Great Selfie?

Everybody’s doing it: from regular people and film stars to TV presenters and even politicians – everyone likes to see a nice picture of themselves! But taking a great selfie is not that easy, and there are a few things you should know when creating a perfect selfie picture. That’s why we gathered a couple of rules you need to follow to make a great selfie of yourself – and added some funny selfie photos to make this post even more fun! How To Make A Great Selfie? Good angle is crucial! Before you take a...Read more