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What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround depends on three factors:
1.) Whether you use normal service or express service
2.) The medium of the painting
3.) The size of the painting

The following turnaround is from the day you place your order to the day you receive it at your door.
Medium Size Portraits (Oil & Acrylic) (8"x10" - 20"x24")
Big Size Portraits (Oil & Acrylic) (24"x36" - 48"x72")
Charcoal, Pencil, Pastel & Watercolor
Regular service
22 days
24 days
27 days
Express service*
20 days
22 days
25 days
Express Service* + Express Shipping**
17 days
19 days
17 days

* Express service means that we start working on your order immediately. You can choose it when you are at the shopping cart page. This service costs an additional 15%.
** Express shipping will make the shipping a few days shorter. You don't need to decide when you place your order. Right after approving your painting, you'll be able to choose it for an extra $9 - $59 (depending on choice of framing and size of painting)
Do you offer an express service to expedite the order?
Yes! For only 15% more, you can order an express service which will give your order a priority over other orders and will improve the turnaround time. For exact turnaround, please check here.
I have confirmed the photo of my painting, but still haven't received the shipping notification. When should that happen?
Please allow 2-4 days from the day you confirmed your order until we ship it and send you the shipping notification email. We need to make sure that the painting is dry and if applicable framed before we can ship it.
To which countries do you ship and how much does it cost?
To all countries, the shipping is FREE of charge. This includes the shipping and handling as well as the insurance of the shipped items (regardless of quantity or size).
How much does it cost?
Our paintings vary in cost depending on the chosen medium or editing style as well as size and framing method chosen.

The most complicated part of the painting are the subjects (people/pets). Painting the faces or detailed features from the photo is the most delicate task, and this takes considerable time. For this reason, we need to know the number of subjects in the painting, so that we are able to determine the complexity of the painting, and price it accordingly.

If your photo is of a house/vehicle/landscape please choose landscape as the type. When choosing to have people or pets painted, you will need to count the number of people or pets present. The number of subjects is tallied based on the number of people or pets present in the photo that you want painted and does not count background images such as houses, trees, cars or other buildings.

Go to our price page for further information.
Do you charge extra for modifications?
No, we don't charge extra. All modifications are free of charge.
What methods of payment do you accept?

1.) Credit Card: Pay directly on our website using your credit card

2.) PayPal: Pay with your PayPal account or if you do not have an account you may still use your credit card by clicking on `Don`t have a PayPal account?` link.

3.) Amazon Pay: Use your Amazon Pay account, or create one (you can also use it for many other online businesses). You can pay through Amazon Pay with your Credit Card as well.

4.) Apple Pay: Pay with your digital wallet using the Apple devices.

We are unable to accept any other form of payment, including checks.
Can I buy a gift certificate?
Yes! This is a great gift idea ! You can use our gift certificate service. The recipient will receive a beautifully designed email with a unique gift code that will enable him / her to order any of our products including Photos on Canvas, Pop Art Canvas and Handmade Paintings.
You may also choose to have a hard copy gift certificate mailed to yourself or your recipient.

Order a gift certificate

Can I choose the artist that will paint my painting?
Yes you can! Simply browse our online gallery. When you hover over any image, you will see the artist name, with a 'more paintings' link which will allow you to see all paintings of this artist. Once you've decided on the artist you like the best, choose a painting of his / her that inspires you, hover over it and click 'I want this artist to paint my photo' button. This way we will be able to pass your order to the artist you've chosen and also let him / her know which painting you liked the best so that they can try and paint yours in a similar style.
What framing options do you offer?
We offer 3 options:
1.) Rolled - your painting will be shipped rolled in an art tube.
2.) Gallery wrap - your painting will be stretched on a wooden frame. This option is only for oil and acrylic paintings.
3.) Framed - your ordered painting will be delivered framed (ready to hang).
On the website you show the size as 16x20 inches but I would like a 20x16 inches. What should I do?
When we write 16"x20" we refer both to 16"x20" and 20"x16". If you send us a horizontal image, the item you'll receive will be horizontal. If you send a vertical photo, it will be vertical. If you prefer your vertical photo to be horizontally or the other way round please inform us about it in the comment section during the order process.
Can I choose a background for my painting?
Yes, you can! We do it at no extra cost. We offer two options. If you would like us to pick a suitable background, we are happy to do so or alternatively you can send in another photo as background. When you place your order you will see a comment text box which allows you to let us know of any changes you wish to have done to your photo including the background.
Which is the best medium for my photo?
The best medium to choose is, above all, a matter of personal taste. This is why we suggest that you browse our galleries of oil, charcoal, watercolor, pastel, pencil and acrylic portraits, and see which is the one you like the most. Please check out the differences between the various mediums that we offer. The most popular medium is Oil, so if you are unsure what to choose, it's a safe bet :)
To which email address should I send my photographs?
If you have chosen to send your photo(s) by email, please email them to:
How can I send my photo by regular mail?
In case you only have your photo as hard copy you may send it by regular mail to:

What if my photo is damaged or not of the highest quality?
Please use our free photo consultation service and email us the photo before you submit your order. We can then give you advise on the photo and let you know if it is suitable.
Which photos can I use for my painting?
It is enough if the quality of the photo allows us to clearly see the details of your photo - but here are a few tips on what you should look for:
1. Send photos that flatter the photographed person. If you don't like the way you look in the photo, if you think that your smile doesn't look real, or your nose looks too big, try to pick another photo. Don't expect the artists to make the person look much better than he looks in the photo :)
2. Try to send photos with the highest resolution. If your photo is less than 100 KB size, its resolution may be too low for our artists to create a good quality painting from it.
3. Pay attention to the background. If you have a beautiful photo of your little boy for example, but the background is filled with details that will detract from the painted portrait. In such a case, you can simply choose a solid background from the options we offer, or ask that the artist will choose it for you.

Can I make special requests for the photo editing?
During the order process you will find a comments box, where you will be able to explain what your special requests are. We can create "magic" with your original photos: we can combine figures from different photos into one image, change the background, eliminate or add figures and objects, create color images from black and white photos and even fix damaged or old photos. All, FREE of charge.
Can you combine images from more than one photograph into a single image?
Yes, we can! We do it at no extra cost. You can upload or send several photographs via email and have subjects from each photo placed together into a single image. Simply give us detailed instructions when placing your order, by using the comments text box.
Can you restore old photos or colorize black & white photos? If so, what is the price?
If a photo requires restoration, we will automatically do it before starting your order. If you have a Black & white photo and you want us to paint or print it in color, please mention it in the comments text box that appears during the order process underneath the area where you upload your photo(s).

Please mention any details that can help our editors to colorize it correctly (like: "The hair should be blond and the eyes should be blue"). We will send you the colorized photo for approval before continuing.
By the way this service is free to you and included in the price.
What's your return policy?
For our return policy please click here.
Can I order a custom size? What will the price be?
You can order a custom size. To do this, simply choose the size which is closest to the one you wish to order in the list of sizes on this page and in the comments text box at the bottom of the page, let us know the exact size that you want. We will then contact you and advise of the updated price for your custom size.
Can I preview my order before receiving it?
Yes. Once the painting from your photo is ready, we will contact you to review it online. Most of our customers are happy with their first preview. However, if you feel that any modifications should be made, we receive your feedback, make the requested modifications and send it back to you for confirmation. Only after your approval is the painting shipped to you.
What's the status of my order?
To view the status of your order, please login to your account. You will see the status in the main view of your account or in the "Your Orders" section.
I would like to confirm/ask for changes to my painting. How do I do this?
Please don't send us confirmations or requests for modifications via email / contact form, as this will slow down the process. Please login to your account and use the links there for confirmation or for modification requests.
Is my private information protected?
Yes it is. All the information gathered through our secure server will be used solely to process your orders. We will never sell or share your private information with any 3rd party.
Are your painting artists classically trained?
Yes. All of our artist were traditionally trained at top art universities and are active artists.
My question isn't answered on this page, what should I do?
You may use our email form to send us any questions, or try our live chat.