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For more than 12 persons / pets, please choose Oil / Acrylic
Black pencil
Characteristics: Oil is the most popular medium and is the most vivid reflection of photos. All styles and techniques are available to the artist who paints in oil, where most other mediums are limited in their stylistic ranges. An oil painting is a natural heirloom you will be proud to have in the family for generations.

Material & Framing: Oil is painted on canvas and can also be ordered as gallery-wrap (stretched over an internal wooden frame), which allows you to get a ready-to-hang painting without spending extra for an actual frame.

Works best for: Whatever photo you choose, Oil will be a good fit. If you are unsure what medium to choose, Oil will be a safe choice.
Characteristics: Artistic simpleness with black and white. While charcoals grant the lively drama of any black-and-white medium, they are usually far more high-contrast than pencil drawings. In fact, contrast is the very nature of charcoals. The darker blacks obtainable from charcoals give a certain drama that would be more subtle in other mediums. If you love black and white pictures, and seek to make a powerful statement, consider charcoals as your medium.

Material & Framing: Painted on paper and requires a protective glass when framed.

Works best for: If your photo is an outdoor / landscape picture, or if you'd like the background to be painted in detail, consider other mediums. As you can see here those beautiful portraits are focused on the subject of the painting, with hardly any background painted. Also, if you are short in time, Charcoal / Pencil are good choices since they don't require several layers and don't need to dry and therefore allow a faster turnaround
Characteristics: Pencils can go from very light to very deep in hue and depth. The fine lines of a sharpened pencil are nearly impossible to duplicate with a brush, and completely unavailable for pastels or charcoal. Shading with pencils is one of the nicest characteristics this medium provides.

Material & Framing: Painted on paper and requires a protective glass when framed.

Works best for: Pencil portraits are usually ordered in small sizes, and are a prefect fit for a fairly small room / wall.
Characteristics: Watercolor is a very distinctive kind of painting medium. The transparent watercolor distinguishes your painting from all other mediums. The magic of color mixed with water gives the painting a soft, rustic, antique feeling.

Material & Framing: Painted on paper and requires a protective glass when framed.

Works best for: Watercolor works very well for houses and outdoor / landscape.
Characteristics: Pastel is a very dry medium, and therefore may appear somewhat flatter than other mediums. Nevertheless, it possesses its own undeniable charm.

Material & Framing: Painted on paper and requires a protective glass when framed.

Works best for: Choose pastel for making portraits of both people and pets, because the results are high in texture and visual interest.
Characteristics: Before you decide between oil and acrylic mediums, you should know that they often appear identical. The main advantages of choosing acrylics over oils are that they can sometimes appear somewhat more saturated in color. Acrylic is more vibrant than oil, therefore, some will prefer Acrylic as the medium for a landscape painting.

Material & Framing: Like Oil, Acrylic is also painted on Canvas and can be ordered as Gallery-Wrap, in case you want to save the extra cost of a real frame.

Works best for: Like oils, acrylics work well for just about any photo.

Select the number of subjects in your painting

The most complicated part of the painting is the faces. Painting the faces of the people / pets from the photo is the most delicate task, which takes a long time. For this reason, we need to know their number in the painting, so we can know the complexity of the painting, and price it accordingly.

If there are no people / pets in your photo, please simply choose Landscape / House (even if your image is of a car or a boat for example)
Please choose up to 20 subjects in your painting. For more than 20, please contact our customer service at: team@paintyourlife.com
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