Our Company

The PaintYourLife was established with the clear objective of creating custom art. Our studio offers high quality handmade paintings from photos. Our clients buy our artwork to decorate their homes and offices in their own unique style or as gifts for their loved ones.

How did it all start? In 2006 we began our studio employing several talented portrait painters who crafted handmade oil paintings according to customers’ photos. The mission of the owners was and is, to make quality art available to everyone, a masterpiece of their own choosing at an affordable price. Within a few months, the demand grew and as such, we employed more talented artists.

What makes our studio stand out among the others is our commitment to customer care. We give the same personal attention to every customer and for every order. Each order is inspected by one of our artists and also by our customer service members. Our team is always listening to our customer’s needs beginning with pre-order questions to after order concerns. It is our goal to ensure that every customer goes away with a piece of art that they will enjoy for a lifetime. Throughout the process, our customers are kept up to date with the status of their order. We use the latest techniques and the best materials to ensure a top quality finished product. At heart we are artists so we care about quality and details.

We have served over 40,000 satisfied customers throughout the United States and Europe.

We welcome you to Paint Your Life with us!

Meet Some Of PaintYourLife’s Talented Team Members

  • artist Angellina Artist

    Angellina was born in 1981. Her educational background includes four years of architecture and design study. Angellina has a style of adding fine art elements to architectural and technical drawings. These artistic techniques define the original style of her graphic work.

    After school, Angellina began working at a graphic design house where she learned how to work at a fast pace in order to meet short deadlines all while maintaining a high quality of work. Following that, Angellina took her talents to a comic studio where she developed her skills in digital painting, which included the techniques of adding textures and effects.

    Angellina possesses skills in several photo-editing styles which include Che, Lichtenstein, pop art, and graphic. Drawing the human shape is another passion. She considers this one of the “many lovely moments” of her work. In her opinion, this is one of the better ways to decorate a home.

  • artist Lidia Artist

    In 1986, Lidia was born. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics and animation. She also speializes in graphic design. She also studied traditional fine art yet has a keen interest in other visual arts. Her love of art has pushed her constantly to explore new styles and techniques in order to develop her skills even further.

    On the side, Lidia enjoys the world of photography. She has a great sense for capturing the moment. In addition to that, she also loves to practice yoga.

    Lidia is very passionate about what she does. In fact, when asked about her interests she always replies, “most of all I like bringing smiles to people’s faces, and painting a personal digital portrait is one great way of doing it.”

  • artist Ludo Illustrator

    Ludo was born in 1984. He is an artist that possesses many skills and interests. Ludo is currently a graphic designer and digital illustrator for Pop Art Pros and has worked there since 2007.

    Ludo’s interests don’t stop at traditional or even pop art. He is an accomplished singer and songwriter, runs his own underground handcrafted publishing company, and is an author of books, fanzines, and articles. Ludo also enjoys silkscreen printing. Ludo has a varied background which includes working as an illustrator for comic books, working as a theater actor, and also as a freelance graphic designer for books, flyers, magazines, and posters.

  • artist Daphne Artist

    Daphne was born in 1984. She has a background as an industrial designer but also has passions as an illustrator and in studying luthier. Luthier is the art of constructing stringed instruments. She currently works for Pop Art Pros where she has been employed since 2007.

    Daphne specializes in creating portraits using graphic and pop art styles. When asked about her passion she states, “I love to draw close-ups of people and animals; I see each subject as a special individual, and I use all my skills to capture that special gesture or expression…the spontaneous smile, the loving look, the innocent children’s gaze…so the portrait will capture the genuine personality of the subject.”

  • artist Yolanda Master Artist

    Yolanda was born in 1982. She is an outstanding painter who has a graduate degree from a fine art school. After school, she worked on mastering her oil painting techniques. Her specialty is in creating oil painting portraits that are vivid and colorful.

    Yolanda is actually one of the most requested artists. Customers really enjoy the lifelike feel that she brings to her paintings. Her paintings really highlight the vibrancy of the real world. Yolanda is able to do this because she has a unique and special ability to see and transpose the tiniest details in her paintings in order to produce an exceptional finished product. Besides painting, her other main interests include art and music. Yolanda follows the principle of “a true artist she loves the world around her and takes inspiration from everything and everyone that she comes in contact with.”