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I chose a difficult medium (watercolor) of a beautiful picture of my daughter at the beach. The artist brought out her unique character and beauty, and it`s a cherished part of our home now. I didn`t even have to do any coaching -- besides asking for a seagull in the top right corner!
custom watercolor child portrait
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My in-laws wanted a painting of their children and their families for their anniversary. We selected a photo we liked but wanted it painted in a different location. The artist was able to paint us at our desired location using the original image. We also requested some personal touches, like the desired flag on our son’s sweatshirt that the artist accommodated. Our family had an old relationship with a famous watercolor artist and the artist we worked with painted in the spirit of her style. We had some revisions along the way that the artist also accommodated. My in-laws were really pleased and loved the attention to detail! They plan on placing the painting in a special place in their new Florida home.
a watercolor painting of a family near the lake
Double Quotes
The watercolor of my granddaughter looking at her new baby brother is stunning. It will forever represent the innocence of the young and be a treasured piece of art in our home.
Suzanne, Cleveland
turn pictures into watercolor art
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8" x 10"
Painting subject : 1 Person
Total $199
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