Style them with love

Fashion the picture-perfect moment of your dreams
I wanted four generations to look like we had taken the picture together. I requested the clothing to be pastel yellow and to add jewelry to match, and our artist painted it perfectly!

Connect Generations

Create a portrait of children with the grandparents they never got to meet
It felt like my daughter was a part of their life. She even commented "I miss them" even though she never met them.

Bring the family together

Those that are alive and those that are gone
Since my parents have long since passed and my family is scattered in different places, my wife made a painting with our boys that connected all of our family. It is amazing to see everyone all together.

Be Unique

Show your fantastical side in a portrait
After I lost Leroy, I wanted to make something to remember him by. I had been kicking around this idea for many years, and his death spurred me into action. It turned out just as I imagined it would!

Add a written message

Send a special message for a special someone
With all the turmoil going on in the world, I could tell that my father felt as though he was failing us, as if he was responsible for the uncertainty of when me or my sister stepped outside. I wanted to remind him, to reassure him, that he was doing a great job. That I saw everything; his pain, his fear, his uncertainty. I wanted to let him know that we love him, that we need him and that he matters; now and always. My father absolutely loved it.

In the arms of jesus in heaven

Bring peace to those who have lost a loved one
My grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s late 2019 and it’s been pretty hard on my mom. I thought it would be a nice idea to get a painting of granny and Jesus at the gates of heaven and mom absolutely loved it! Thank you.

Cherish special moments

Capture your favorite memory in a portrait forever
We don't always need a special occasion to surprise someone. Sometimes a painting is a perfect way to display a beautiful moment. I know my children won't always be little but this beautiful painting will always remind them that no matter what, they will always have each other.

Put All Your Loved Ones Together

Even if they never managed to take a photo together
Hubby is a professional photographer, so he’s never in any of our family pictures. For his birthday, I decided to surprise him with a painting of all of us together as a complete family unit. He absolutely loved it!

Complete your Wedding Celebration

Add those who couldn't be there to your special day
Dad wasn't there to walk my sister down the aisle and give her away. A portrait of her in her wedding dress with our dad by her side was the perfect gift to cherish for life.

Make Graduation Day complete

Share your graduation with lost loved ones
My sister was graduating with a bachelors degree and she wished our father and aunt could have been there to celebrate with her. Although she had plenty of pictures with her auntie, I wanted to do something different that would include all three of them. I sent Paint Your Life individual pictures of all three and the finished product was mind-blowing! She ABSOLUTELY loved it!

Enhance with embellishments

Design your portrait with details that tell your story
My mom didn't see her parents for 17 years. She finally got to see them in person and hug them after all those years but they both passed away a month later. This was very meaningful to her.