The Best Architectural Masterpieces That You Need To See

They say the greatest stories lie between the covers of somebody’s passport. And architecture affect people far more then we realize as we usually travel to see something interesting and amazing, like a particular city, bridge or building. Architecture is a way of manifesting all human activity and beautiful objects often serve as inspiration and admiration. And if you’re can’t pack your bags right this moment and travel, we’re here to show you the most fabulous architecture in the whole world (at least through the photos). 1. Nasir al Molk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran The most amazing thing happens when light...Read more

Cool Birthday Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

Birthdays are usually lots of fun and this may be due to a fact that it’s scientifically proved that people just love presents (well, maybe not scientifically, but do you know anyone who doesn’t like gifts)! And if you are looking to get something special for someone special and you have no idea what to get, you’re at the right place! We know that shopping for birthday gifts tends to be tricky (and frustrating) but remember, whatever you get, it’s really thought that counts! That’s why we give you several really cool birthday gift ideas that are suitable for every...Read more

How To Turn Your Office Into A More Relaxing Place

If Monday is your greatest enemy and (every) Friday is time to celebrate then these tips are just for you! We get it, you’re tired and getting back to the office where you spend most of your day seems to bring you unnecessary stress that you have to deal with almost every day. That’s why it would be great if your working space could be more relaxing! And the way you design your office space can help you reduce the amount of worry you experience on a daily basis. First of all, take a moment to observe which changes need...Read more

5 Easy Easter DIY Ideas

Easter is maybe one of the most joyful holidays you can spend with your family and if you love home decorations, we have great ideas for you! Because Easter is getting closer this year we gathered a few fun and easy DIY projects whether you want some simple crafts for the kids or you like something you can do on your own (and still look amazing). Have fun crafting and enjoy your holidays! 1. Looking for something to occupy your kids with? Look at this cool Framed egg! This is a great craft for kids – take two blank pieces...Read more