5 Easy Easter DIY Ideas

Easter is maybe one of the most joyful holidays you can spend with your family and if you love home decorations, we have great ideas for you! Because Easter is getting closer this year we gathered a few fun and easy DIY projects whether you want some simple crafts for the kids or you like something you can do on your own (and still look amazing). Have fun crafting and enjoy your holidays!

1. Looking for something to occupy your kids with? Look at this cool Framed egg!

This is a great craft for kids – take two blank pieces of paper and a lot of colorful straps. Glue them on one piece of paper and make a circle in another one. Put one on top of another and voila – a perfect, colorful framed egg! Simple right?

Easter DIY

This is a great Easter craft for kids

2. Looking for a new way to decorate your eggs? Meet Mr. Egg!

Here’s how you can simply decorate your eggs and give them a true character (or two)! Dip half of the egg in color and take a thin tip pen to decorate the other half; this can be fun for your kids too! You can make funny, surprised and even sad faces, or draw members of your family and your egg basket will be full of nice personalities.

Easter DIY

Meet Mr. Egg!

3. Don’t want to spend more then 3 minutes on decoration? Bunny Ears are a perfect solution for you!

This is a great DIY project for you and your children – cup with ears! Just make cute bunny ears out of pink and white paper, staple them or glue them onto a plastic cup and you’ll have a great holder for sweet treats!

Easter DIY

Bunny Ears are a perfect 3 minute DIY project

4. Want to get some serious crafts done? Try making an Easter welcome wrath!

How about saying hallo to Easter for a change (as we regularly do with Christmas)? This nice wreath can easily be made out of plastic eggs and an old frame, or you can use some of your own ideas and make more creative welcome wreath. Add chicken feathers, fluffy rabbit tails and cute egg baskets and whatever you create, be sure to have fun doing it!

Easter DIY

Try making an Easter welcome wrath!

5. Need some recipes for an Easter lunch? Try Bunny watermelon!

This craft seems a bit more difficult but we promise it’s delicious! Take a watermelon and cut it to look like a rabbit, stuff it with all sorts of fresh fruits (along with watermelon pieces) and your Easter fest may begin! Bon appetit!

Easter DIY

Delicious and fun Easter DIY

To celebrate your Easter even better, make some fantastic photos that you can easily turn into canvas later. In this way you will save that joyful time spent with your family and have a great memory of those precious moments.

Easter DIY

Turn your DIY projects into fantastic looking canvas!

How To Get More Natural Smiles On Photos?

The best feeling you can have is happiness and smile is the best thing you can wear. But sometimes it’s hard to make a natural smile while taking a photo or to get people smile in a photo for you. Therefore if you are tired of pictures with smiles that just look fake, here are some of our tips on how to make that big smile be more natural.

  • Weather you’re taking a photo of someone or you’re trying to smile for someone, the first thing you need to do is not to tense up and to relax. Take a couple of really deep, deep breaths and this will automatically relax your entire body. Be conscious about not stiffening your cheeks and remember that natural smile comes from relaxed face.
Natural Smiles On Photos

Natural smile comes from relaxed face

  • Tell your subject to lift the tip of their tongue up behind their front teeth – this will help lips position in the more natural smiling position. Also encourage your subjects by complimenting them they look good in the picture and that they are doing a great job.
Natural Smiles On Photos

When people see you smiling, they smile too!

  • The good thing about smiling is that is when people see you smiling, they usually smile too – it’s an unconscious reaction, so try smiling for your subject or smile at the photographer directly to get some happy feeling flowing.
Natural Smiles On Photos

Get some happy feeling flowing

  • Try to recreate how the smile feels like – not what it looks like and you will make more natural face. To do so you will need to feel certain emotion so think about what made you happy today.
  • You can also lough while the photo is being taken or tell your subject to chuckle a little. If you need some help, try thinking about something funny that happened in the past couple of days.
Natural Smiles On Photos

Recreate how the smile feels like – not what it looks like

  • Chat before taking a photo – this will make you and people around you feel at ease.
  • Think happy thoughts: ask children to sing you a cheerful song or to talk about their favorite toy. You can do the same with adults and ask them about their children or their happiest moments in life.
Natural Smiles On Photos

Think happy thoughts

  • Suggest funny poses like superhero pose: jumping or standing on one leg or even chicken dance – people will quickly loosen up and smile naturally (not to mention that photos will be hilarious).
Natural Smiles On Photos

Ask children to make their silliest face

  • Ask children to make their silliest face or ask permission to make your silliest face – this will surely loosen up the atmosphere. Try alternating expressions and make angry face, sad face, surprised face, sticking tongues out – changing faces will lead up to smiling face in the end.
  • If you’re still having problems with fake smile, tell a joke or funny story or ask your subjects to tell jokes.
Natural Smiles On Photos

Make monkey sounds or monkey face

  • If you’re taking a couples photo, kiss your partner or ask them kiss each other – this guarantees you beautiful emotion and natural smiles.
  • Ask children and even adults to imitate animals or animal sounds (monkey, elephant or fox) this will get them into more unconventional mood and make them smile.
  • Suggest a tickling fight between your subjects and see who can hold on longer without smiling.
Natural Smiles On Photos

Make the atmosphere relaxed and pleasant

Try out different methods and see which one works for you by making the atmosphere relaxed and pleasant. Once the atmosphere is unbuttoned, you will have the impeccable smile that will have you and your subjects looking good in every photo. Of course, once you’re done with your perfect smiling photo, check how you can turn it into even more fun pop-art painting!

Happy shooting!

Natural Smiles On Photos

Impeccable smile will have you looking good in every photo

How To Make A Great Selfie?

Everybody’s doing it: from regular people and film stars to TV presenters and even politicians – everyone likes to see a nice picture of themselves! But taking a great selfie is not that easy, and there are a few things you should know when creating a perfect selfie picture. That’s why we gathered a couple of rules you need to follow to make a great selfie of yourself – and added some funny selfie photos to make this post even more fun!

How To Make A Selfie

How To Make A Great Selfie?

Good angle is crucial!

Before you take a selfie, turn on the camera and check your best angle; you can even take a few photos and look at the pictures to decide (is it your left side or maybe your profile etc). The good idea is to keep your camera a bit higher as from above your face looks slimmer and from a lower angle you may get a double chin. Additionally focus the camera on your face and tilt your head not to make your neck look too thick.

How To Make A Selfie

From above your face looks slimmer

Show off!

Take a selfie of your new haircut, new necklace or even your travel destination – something that will make people leave comments underneath. Make sure to highlight what is new in your photo or make a game out of it and let people guess. Of course, this shouldn’t look too forced so don’t show off with every new thing you get or see.

How To Make A Selfie

Highlight what is new in your photo

Expression, expression, expression!

Smile is always a good idea, but you can also try surprised look or looking the other way. Of course, the more natural your look is, the better the photo will be. Furthermore, remember to keep your arm further away because close up selfies just don’t look that great.

How To Make A Selfie

The more natural your look is, the better the photo will be

Good lighting is the key

You surely don’t want to look like you haven’t slept all night and emphasize that dark circles under your eyes. So find a good lighting (close to windows perhaps) or go outside as natural light is the best solution. However, if you have to use night lighting, try taking a few shots from different angles before you get the best result. If you don’t catch perfect light during sunset or sunrise, hold a white paper under your chin that will make wonders for lighting up your face.

How To Make A Selfie

Good lighting is the key to a great selfie


Use the back camera of your phone as it takes high-resolution photos unlike the front one. You should also try practicing using both hands to take selfies so you can become a true selfie master.

How To Make A Selfie

Become a true selfie master

Background should be clear

Before you take a photo check what is in your background and remember that nature makes the best background as it allows the viewer to see where are you at the given moment. If you are not near the ocean or skydiving, stick to a simple background (and beware of photo-bombers).

How To Make A Selfie

Stick to simple background

 Filter it up!

Experiment with different filters and do not repeatedly use just one! Different colors can give you a completely new perspective on what maybe at first seemed like a usual photo.

How To Make A Selfie

Different colors can give you a completely new perspective

Be yourself

Once you know your best feature, try to look as natural as you can (so no duck-lip-face please). Relax and don’t overthink it – just snap and your look will be more natural. For perfect unforced smile you can practice in front of the mirror or call up your dear friends and take a picture with them.

How To Make A Selfie

Relax and don’t overthink it

Once you get the hang of making a perfect selfie, consider making a canvas photo and putting it on your wall – it will definitely be the best picture you have took and it can be a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

How To Make A Selfie

Make a great canvas photo out of your best selfie

How To Propose – 6 Photo Ideas

Now that you have found the right person for you, it is time for the tough part – thinking about how to propose. Try to plan with as much details as possible and you can start of by deciding when are you going to propose. And we know, it’s never perfect time but it is important to plan ahead so you can stay calm. So try not to be nervous (if you possibly can) and think of some meaningful date for both of you. Also consider the weather – if it’s been raining for a few days, don’t be impatient and wait until sun shines again (unless you both like rain, which is fine). After that, decide where you want to propose as the atmosphere on the given day will be remembered. What’s your special place or her favorite restaurant? Would you like your proposal to be private or done in public?

Once the timing is right and atmosphere is set, the most important question remains: how to do it? And as you are probably still struggling what would be the best idea, let us help you out with a few examples – it is a big deal after all!

1. Dolphin proposal

How To Propose

Dolphin would make a great proposal buddy!

Creativity is the key! Therefore, when you want to propose, you should consider bringing your precious pet along so it can help. Like a dolphin for example – they make a great proposal buddies! All that is left is to be yourself and it will all go just fine!

2. Good morning proposal

How To Propose

Bottom hides a special message for her

3. Surf boards proposal

Classic proposal idea is to propose your loved one over a dinner, but we have a better idea. If you don’t like the public, you can do it in the privacy of your own home. Wake up, say you got her a new mug and then drink your morning cup of coffee together. And she better be thirsty because the bottom hides a special message for her! Meanwhile, pretend that you dropped something and kneel down to find it. In this way, when she moves her surprising look from the cup, you can hold that engagement ring you dropped a second ago.


How To Propose

Proposal on the beach never fails

Before you propose, it would be nice to practice as this will give you an idea of what can possibly go wrong. And here’s one oldie but goody that can never fails – proposal on the beach! And if you are already doing it in public, invite some friends over that can help with their surfing boards. It may sound corny, but cool summer breeze, sound of the waves and enchanting sunset just make the perfect memories.

4. Fortune cookie proposal

How To Propose

You can propose over a fortune cookie

And maybe you think that dinner is a perfect opportunity for a proposal, but don’t want to take the risk of engagement ring stuck in a chocolate soufflé or worse swollen over a champagne. Therefore if you are already fortunate enough to have found your soul mate, you can propose over a fortune cookie! Really nice and original, don’t you think?

5. Newspapers proposal

How To Propose

Put an add in the newspapers

As you probably know, she will tell that story how you proposed and show her ring to all the future generations and all of her girlfriends. So why not skip that part and go public telling it to everyone! Put an add in the newspapers and make sure that the whole city knows your intentions!

6. I’m hooked on you proposal

How To Propose

We know that you’re hooked, and now it’s her turn!

We know that you’re hooked, and now it’s her turn! Did you get the dazzling ring? Ok, perfect. Also be sure to dress nicely – special occasions deserve special outfits. After that all that is left is one hook and a bate and we have the feeling she will say yes, just keep the proposal short & sweet (and from the heart!)

In the end, be sure to preserve these special moments and make lots of photos! Later you can turn them into a beautiful charcoal drawing that will decorate your living space.