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As a child, Doris liked to read fantasy stories. After reading "Ma Liang and his Magic Brush," Doris began to imagine that she had a magic brush like Ma Liang. She asked her parents to buy her the tools to paint and the rest is history. From the beginning, her parents were very supportive of her art and to this day, the love from her family continues to be her greatest source of inspiration.

Like her most admired artist, Leonardo Davinci, Doris is talented in so many different mediums, including oil and charcoal pencil, but she most enjoys oil painting. When looking for inspiration for her painting, Doris heads out to nature to run, hike, or swim. She says nature is where she feels most relaxed and inspired. She even remembers the first thing she painted, an egg, because, well, she liked to eat eggs.

Doris says she’ll never forget the painting she created for Paint Your Life of a grandmother holding her newborn grandson. She said she could feel the love from the grandmother. It reminded her of her grandmother who took care of her a lot while she was young and who passed away while Doris was in university.

Doris strives to make each painting into a unique masterpiece. She loves to spend a lot of time making each one as realistic and detailed as possible.

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