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Brought up in a family of artists, Tara couldn't help but fall in love as she strolled through galleries and participated in art workshops. At three years old Tara painted her first portrait; of her and her family. She combined separate photos and merged them into a compilation very similar to what we do at Paint Your Life.

As Goya, Caravaggio, Edward Hopper, and Van Gogh have been her major influences growing up it's no surprise Tara can work with any medium. “Each medium represents a different emotion, helps me express my current state of mind, allows me to pour my soul onto the canvas.” She also enjoys working with mixed techniques. Maria is inspired by nature, reading about successful modern artists, and making crafts. The effort, dedication, and loyalty towards her work make her extraordinary. Like her favorite piece, “The Taking of Christ” by Caravaggio, her art is authentic.

Beautiful color pencil drawing of a lady with two kids

Painted for Atoya  Suitland , MD

Painted for Atoya  Suitland , MD
Artist Name: Tara